Reviews From Customers


"Our Cato Board, Fitbones and Paw Pods have been a life saver over the winter, helping to keep the dogs entertained and get their brains working on really cold miserable days. It’s also great to know these exercises are helping to strengthen and condition their muscles so the dogs are better prepared for longer hikes through the Peak District and high energy activities like agility."

Emily with Luna the Collie x Setter and Teddy the Chihuahua


"Absolutely love the items we bought from Canine Physio & Fitness. I bought a nice range to use with my dogs of different age gaps & abilities and with guidance from Hannah & Charlotte I’ve been able to have exercises to suit them all. It’s making a huge difference to my aging boy, keeping him flexible, and it’s helping to keep my younger show dog in peak condition ready for shows and agility returning. They’ve also helped with great guidance on what to do safely with my puppy & the equipment. All 3 of mine LOVE it when they see the equipment come out. Thank you!"

Jaycee with Baloo, Meeko and Zero The Tollers