What is the best piece of equipment for someone just starting out?

The FitBone is a very versatile first piece of balance equipment. You can complete a wide variety of exercises with a FitBone. When you can increase your collection of equipment it can easily be used in combination with many other pieces of equipment.  

Why is this better than human fitness equipment?

The equipment we stock is specifically designed for dogs, taking into consideration that their claws can perforate the rubber on normal human equipment. This will not happen with our equipment. The shape of each piece of equipment has been designed specifically for exercises for dogs too. 

What age can my dog start strength and conditioning?

Puppies can start the foundations of conditioning from an early age. However they should not start strength and balance training until their growth plates have fully closed which is usually around 14 months for medium sized breeds. If you are unsure on the age for your breed of dog please check with your vet.